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3D modeling and animation. Preparation tips for beginners Before you start 3D modeling and animation, you need to consider a few important details. Our Game Producer Ed shared what you need to pay attention to in order for your model to work and be ready for animation.


Paga Gatsby New Year corporate party We decided not in words, but in deeds to justify our motto "Work hard, play hard" and gathered our colleagues from all over Ukraine for the corporate party "Paga Gatsby" 💥


How to prepare a product for the New Years? Our Producer Andrey highlighted several of his recommendations for preparing for New Year's updates based on our experience. What you should pay attention to and what you absolutely must not forget, you will learn in our article.


How did we celebrate Halloween? How we celebrated Halloween and how we amazed each other 😊


5 facts about the Paga Group Share 5 interesting facts about our team 😎


How to prepare for an interview in Paga Group? Our HR manager has prepared tips for a successful interview at Paga Group, we invite you to check it out right now!