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On September 19, Chapter 3 “Hellidays Update” was released. This Chapter introduces 5 missions.

The neighbor wants to arrange a vacation for himself while there are still warm days, and autumn has not swallowed the city. For a great weekend, a swimming pool, bar, barbecue and other elements for a great holiday appeared on its territory. The main character’s task is to turn a neighbor’s weekend into a real HELL.

Mission I. «Toothy Pool» – find and toss a piranha into the pool, where a neighbor is lying on a mattress, sipping a refreshing cocktail. At first, get the items you need to catch the piranha.

Mission II. «Purge Drinks» – break the toilet and add a laxative to your neighbor’s cocktail. In this mission a mini-game and a quest await you. Make your neighbor fly into space.

Mission III. «Splash town» – arrange real water races around the city and outrun your neighbor. For this task you will need a scooter and dexterity, because this mission goes on for a while. Shoot your neighbor with a water jet and douse him with water to knock him off the scooter.

Mission IV. «Smoking barbecue» -the neighbor is hungry, he prepares himself steaks on the barbecue and looks forward to a delicious lunch. Turn off the gas and change the sauce for the firelighter, so it will fry not only the steaks, but also the neighbor.

Mission V. «Deep blue pool» – while your neighbor is swimming in the pool, you need to distract his attention in order to have time to arrange a real whirlpool and wash it off in the pool. In this mission, bright fireworks are waiting for you, which will help you lose the vigilance of your neighbor.

Enjoy the update and do new tricks to make fun of your neighbor!

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