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How to prepare a product for the New Years?

Those who work in Gamedev know very well that there is one holiday a year, for which companies have been preparing since the end of the last holiday. And this is a New Year’s update, the importance of which all companies are well aware of.

I have prepared several of my recommendations for preparing for New Year’s events based on our experience.

1) The simplest and most obvious advice on how to have everything in time for the New Year is to plan ahead. No, seriously, I know a lot of projects that start prepare 2-4 weeks before this is supposed to be launched. And work for almost a month, plus you still need to protest, polish, etc.

2) My second advice is to give emotions, no matter how old your user is, everyone should feel the holiday. Since this is a family holiday, it leaves only fond memories. Starting from a changed New Year’s icon on the application and ending with a completely new mode.

3) Where is the New Year’s holiday without its own meta games? Of course nowhere, besides the fact that you have decorated the game – give your user more fun.

4) For the first time on the New Year, they began to give gifts back in Ancient Rome, do not neglect this tradition, give your user some kind of gift.

5) What you definitely shouldn’t do is forget about your players. They MUST be congratulated and celebrate this holiday with them.

6) You do not need to use 100% everything that was a year ago, create something new!

7) As you already understood, the New Year holidays is the most profitable period, and before you do something – think 10 times. When you decide to do it, test it 100 times and do not forget to balance, because if you release just to release, then you will only make it worse.

Plan, don’t forget the quality of the product and Have a Fun!