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DARK RIDDLE: DETECTIVE ADVENTURE It's time to conduct a detective investigation in the city. Meet the new Detective Adventure update in Dark Riddle, version 14.0.0. See what awaits you now!


DARK RIDDLE: SPRING EVENT The new Spring Event update is already available on Google Play and AppStore, version 11.0.0. Find out what's new in the event!


DARK RIDDLE: CHINESE NEW YEAR New update in Dark Riddle - "Chinese New Year", version 10.0.0 is already available in Google Play and App Store. Find out what we've updated and added.


DARK RIDDLE 2: THE NEW YEAR STORIES UPDATE Check out the New Years Update in Dark Riddle 2: Story Mode! Read what missions await you in the game.


DARK RIDDLE: NEW YEAR EVENT UPDATE We've released a New Year's Event Update on Dark Riddle! Read what we have added new.


CHAPTER 4. DARK RIDDLE 2: HALLOWEEN Dark Riddle 2: Story Mode is here for Halloween update 3.0!


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