Главная » Dark Riddle » CHAPTER 4. DARK RIDDLE 2: HALLOWEEN


The neighbor is celebrating Halloween, it’s time to scare him. He again starts insidious plans for all the inhabitants of the city, and you will have to stop him and teach him a lesson.

Mission I. «Scare To Goosebumps» – Halloween is the present time for spooky stories. You need to collect a full indicator of the fear of a neighbor so that he is afraid. To do this, you have to go through a small quest on the territory of the house and collect a scarecrow.

Mission II. «The Druid`s Potion» – the neighbor decided to poison the whole city, for this he brews a potion in a cauldron behind his house. You need to stop him and teach him a lesson. A potion, oil and a saw will help you with this.

Mission III. «The Night Flying» – a great time for a magical adventure. You have to learn how to operate a broom and collect gold rings. Time will be limited, so be careful to win this mission.

Mission IV. «Where Is My Mummy ?!» – revive the mummy to scare the neighbor. Find the hidden crystal, open the sarcophagus and revive the mummy. Let there be a real battle!

Mission V. «Pumpkin Attack» – What is Halloween without pumpkins? Create pamkins to scare your neighbor. Sometimes a dream can give great ideas, it is in this mission that you can turn the dream into reality. Use different ingredients to create pamkin.

It will be doubly creepy and fun! Enjoy the update and make a real nightmare for your neighbor!

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