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How to prepare for an interview in Paga Group?

We asked our HR manager what advice she would give to successfully pass the interview, and here they are.

The first thing I would like to highlight is to move away from the concept of an interview, because in our company it is more in the form of dating and negotiations.

📌 Re-read the vacancy and information about the Company. One day, at the end of an interview, a candidate asked me: “Excuse me, what is the name of the company?” … it was “checkmate”.
📌 Be clear about what you expect from your new job, what is important to you and what your ideal Company is.
📌 It’s trite, but it’s worth thinking about why you left your previous place of work, what you liked there and what didn’t.
📌 Ask HR everything that interests you about the future employer. As the company is looking for a future employee, and the candidate is looking for a job, it is better when you agree on the shore.
📌 Be honest and straightforward. After all, guided by this principle, the employer will be able to consider your potential and offer functionality that can better open it.

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